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Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet [A Comprehensive Guide]: Health Benefits, Risks, Recipes and Meal Plans

whole-foods plant-based diet

If you follow arguments about diets, you will not fail to notice the numerous differences among people regarding what the best diet is. Among those arguments is the whole-foods plant-based diet (WFPBD), which emphasizes consuming whole foods for overall wellness. Embracing a Whole-Foods Plant-based diet cuts out unhealthy foods and lay emphasis on whole plant-based foods. A whole-foods plant-based diet is one of the best steps to boost your health, prevent chronic diseases, improve energy levels and help the environment in which ever version you practice it. This article gives a comprehensive guide on plant-based eating, detailing everything you should know about whole-foods, plant-based diet. Such as how it helps with weight loss, several forms of cancer, other health benefits of whole-foods plant-based diet. I also address the risks/side effects associated with practicing a plant-based eating lifestyle . Furthermore, here are sample recipes and meal plans including foods to eat and foods to avoid on a plant-based diet.

5 Tempting Foods Bad For Your Brain; [Bad on Memory, Concentration, Mood, etc]

foods bad for brain

Not all foods are good for the brain. Various foods have a negative impact on your brain. Here are 5 foods which are tempting to eat, but bad for your brain. They secretly damage your brain, affecting your mood, memory and increasing the risk of brain-related conditions like dementia. You can lower your probability of having these conditions by eliminating or indulging sparingly in these foods.

Nutrition 101: 30 World’s Most Nutritious Foods You Should Eat!

nutrition and healthy eating

What is Human Nutrition? Human nutrition entails the consumption of nutrients in the required […]

Best Brain Foods: 33 Top Power Foods to Boost Memory, Concentration and Brain Health

Brain foods to boost memory

The brain is an important organ in your body. There are very many foods that can help you maintain a healthy brain. In this article, you will discover the top 33 power brain foods. by including these foods into your daily diet, they help protect the brain from getting damaged, support the health of your brain as well as boost its alertness, mood, and memory.