Ultimate Air Fryer FAQ – Answers To 20 Air Fryer Frequently Asked Questions

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Air Fryer FAQ

  1. What is an air fryer?

You’ve heard it so many times, you’ve probably seen it but you’re still wondering what this air fryer thing is. It is simple. It’s a recently invented alternative for cooking. This life-saving kitchen appliance only requires countertop space and does nearly anything your ordinary stove, oven or even microwave can do. It bakes, it cooks to a crispy crunchy texture just like your deep frying, and it even warms up leftovers. If you ask me, an air fryer is a combination of many kitchen appliances into one. Here are my 7 best air fryer recommendations for Healthy and frustration-free cooking and here are 3 steps of how to use air an fryer

  1. How does an air fryer work?

Using convection mechanism, to heat up food, this appliance consists of a heating element that transmits heat to the food drawer and a strong fan that works to turn food for even cooking. Food is placed in the cooking chamber that is enclosed. The compact size of the chamber is not just by coincidence. The manufacturer designed it that way purposely to aid in faster cooking. By simply tapping the start button, after keying in your preferred cooking settings dependent on the food you’re cooking, the air fryer begins to cook your delicacy.

  1. Do you put oil in an air fryer?

Yes, you do. But here’s the catch, the air fryer can cook food smoothly with only a tablespoon of oil or just a spray of your oil of choice. A number of nutritionists have been quoted saying that the air fryer is the nearest way of cooking that promotes healthy living. But in case you don’t want to use some oil that is also good.  Just ensure to shake your air fryer frequently to avoid sticking.

  1. What food can you cook with an air fryer?

The list is so vast I don’t know where to start but I think veggies are a good start. If you love your vegetables cooked differently every time, then roasting them would be a worthy option. The air fryer can roast your vegetables to that crisp yet tender texture. I particularly love how the cauliflower turns out.

Frozen foods are another addition to the list. Your air fryer will not only thaw your food but also cook it so well no one would believe it was frozen. It will not only taste fresh but also yummy.

Are there any deserts lover? You’re in luck today. The air fryer cooks them too.

 I have such a sweet tooth, cakes and muffins are just my best options for a snack or even breakfast. So, when I learnt that the air fryer can bake my favourite yummies, I rushed to experiment with tiny muffins. You should too. I’m yet to experiment with croissants

I was recently thinking of going vegan but after making my fish with my fryer, I think I will put off that decision. An air fryer also cooks pork, beef and mutton just as well. It also perfectly grills your beef and salmon too.

Just before you opt to microwave your leftover, why not try your air fryer and tell me how it turns out. You’ll thank me later. Wikipedia also answers this question well

  1. Is an air fryer worth it?

Well, it’s fast at cooking, cooks just like a commis chef, it is healthier and did I mention it doesn’t greedily eat up your kitchen space like your fridge, stove and your oven. Isn’t that just about enough to make it worth it?

  1. Are air fryers healthy?

The question should be, are there healthier cooking options other than the air fryer way of cooking. The fact that it uses less oil makes it a healthier alternative. It reduces cholesterol and calories uptake unlike other methods of cooking. There have been adverse effects of eating deep-fried foods, starting from heart complications like thrombosis, obesity and it has even been linked to liver problems. Therefore, we could both conclude that if there is an alternative of having the same crunchy meals as they are when they are deep-fried, then we all better get on board.

  1. Is an air fryer the same as a conventional oven?

To some extent, we could say it is. But the thing is, an air fryer can grill, it mimics deep frying, warms up leftovers, things that an oven can’t do. A conventional oven is bigger in size and therefore facilitates for massive cooking. They surely have some similarities but we can’t quite say they are the same. We could call them siblings though.

  1. Is an air fryer better than an oven?

This is hard to answer. But here is my verdict. Both the oven and the recently invented air fryer have their own cons and pros.  This kitchen appliance not only saves time but also allows for different cooking techniques to achieve a variety of delicacies. On the other side, the oven also cooks food so good and allows for cooking in larger portions. So it is only fair to say that none is better than the other. They just perform different roles to their standards of perfection.

  1. Do you need an air fryer if you have a conventional oven?

If you have the ability to purchase one, it is definitely a must-have. I am not trying to overrule the functionality of an oven, but hear me out. The air fryer works more than just to cook great meals. It does at a rate you’ll definitely love. So yes! It makes life easier in your kitchen, therefore you do need one. At least I know it, I do see the necessity. But I wouldn’t advise anyone to squeeze your budget. If it isn’t within your means you can let it rest for now.

  1. Is an air fryer the same as an oven?

I get why you’d get confused on these two very able appliances. Let me help you with that. The air fryer is completely different from an oven. I repeat they are different. It’s just like asking if an apple is the same with a pear. They surely both serve the same purpose. To nourish but they sure aren’t the same. You see the picture now? These two appliances do function similarly but they are different in size, the mechanisms in which they function and not forgetting how they cook.

  1. Do air fryers cause cancer?

Why ever would you ever have that notion? The air fryer has not been reported to cause any such effects like cancers. It doesn’t emit any magnetic rays on the food or any chemicals. It merely emits heat to the food and heat emission on food has never been known to cause any sicknesses, let alone cancers. On the contrary, undercooked foods are the ones considered a threat to your health, especially raw meats. So you can rest easy as researchers still work on the issue. The heat emitted by the air fryer is not too high like in other high heat cooking methods that result in the formation of acrylamide. This probable carcinogen has no chance of formation with air frying.

  1. Are air fryers toxic?

Not in the very least but if you are keen to follow the instructions and guidelines on how to use it, you’re sure not to suffer any toxicity. However, I do know that not cleaning your air fryer thoroughly after cooking may result in mild stomach aches since the food remnants in the fryer are no longer fresh but are now beginning to rot. Hygiene is all I’d advice when using your air fryer and any other kitchen appliance.

  1. Is air fried food healthier?

I cannot insist enough on the health benefits of this electronic device. It could be either, because of my cautious nature when it comes to issues concerning health, or I am simply just impressed with the air fryer. You may be almost as tired as I am of the frequent warnings against eating deep-fried food. The cons are from a bad BMI hence obesity, high cholesterol,

  1. Does an air fryer make food crispy?

As crispy as you can imagine! Do you want just that tender crunch that just dissolves between your teeth? Or are you like me, opting for the crunchiest crunch and a dash of black pepper, garlic and coriander just for that extra adventure. Well, speak no more, an air fryer does it and does it to perfection. I can attest to that. But it all depends on the cooking settings you key in. So, remember to read the guidelines on the different settings and what they achieve. There’s a wide range of settings, each to satisfy your tongues craving for diversity.

  1. Is an air fryer good for keto?

Dieters we’ve got you covered.  With this upcoming keto craze, everyone is trying to eat a low-carb diet, which is really commendable. But the problem comes with finding just the right appliances that are keto-friendly. As ironic as it would sound for keto dieters to seek the use of an air fryer that technically reduces fats, there are some recipes that cater to the keto family. The trick is the recipes. With quite a number of air fryers coming with a ketogenic cookbook to try with your air fryer, I think you guys are more than sorted. So yes, air fryers are good for keto.

  1. Can you use aluminium foil in the power air fryer oven?

Yes! However, there are cautionary tips when using aluminium foil. Be careful not to put the aluminium foil right at the bottom of the pan. This is where dirt and all the grease accumulates therefore the flow of air will be disrupted and you don’t want that. It will ultimately affect how your air fryer cooks.

Additionally, ensure as you are laying down your aluminium foil, it doesn’t hang out beyond the edge of the basket.

Lastly, never layout your aluminium foil without putting food on it. This will result in the aluminium foil getting sucked into the heating element and ultimately burning.

  1. Can you put a liquid in an air fryer?

The amount is what should be the issue at hand. If you just marinated your chicken or fish, these spicy juices shouldn’t be an issue. It is actually advised that one should add water regularly when cooking. So yes you can, just be cautious with the amount.

  1. Why do air fryers smoke so much?

Easy, have you ever tried cooking food in your pan without any oil whatsoever? It smokes right? It’s just the same with your air fryer. Another possible reason for smoking is cooking foods with high-fat content therefore the fat tends to drain. Remedy this by pausing the cooking and draining the excess fat.

In other scenarios, it usually has got to do with the coating. If the coating is not properly done, the breadcrumbs or flour may get sucked up. When coating, firmly press the ingredients into your food and do a couple of layers.

Light foods also have a tendency of getting blown away. Using a toothpick to hold them down will do the trick.

Another rare yet possible reason could be the pan has got greasy build-up from your previous cooking. The reason why I dim it rare is because I have previously insisted on thorough washing of the appliance’s parts after use.

  1. Do you have to spray an air fryer?

This is a matter of preference. You don’t have to but spraying is better as compared to pouring oil. Spraying not only evenly distributes the oil but also prevents the use of too much oil.

  1. What are some common air fryer brands?

With Phillips as the most common brand since the endorsement of the air fryer, there are some other brands daring to venture into manufacturing.

 GoWise USA, has developed quite another of quality air fryers. The popular NutriChef and the unpopular T-fal are other brands to be on the lookout for. Black & Decker is almost as popular as the Philips brand and of great quality like Philips too. Did I mention Avalon Bay? This brand doesn’t compromise on quality and even has a 90 day return policy. The Breville brand knows too well to stick to their signature look. The likes of Farberware, BELLA, Big Boss and Yedi Houseware are not to be forgotten.

With that, I hope I have answered nearly all of your questions on this magic machine. My job’s to equip you with ample knowledge and looks like I am done here.

And The Bonus Question is?

21. What is the air fryer and where can you buy and Air fryer online?

Simple and answer to that is to check out my review of the 7 best air fryers I recommend for healthy and stress-free cooking. Read it here https://www.webofnutrition.com/kitchen-dining/7-best-air-fryers/

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